The Fifth Knight By Claire Luana and Jesikah Sundin – Review by Lisa Helmick

The Fifth Knight (The Knights of Caerleon #1)The Fifth Knight by Jesikah Sundin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Fifth Knight (The Knights of Caerleon #1)
By Claire Luana and Jesikah Sundin
Rated 4 stars

This is a good solid story. It’s told from a time that had magic and faeries. Full of the tales from the knights of the round tables. Very enjoyable and not really what I thought it would be for a reverse harem. Each chapter is told from a different characters point of view. It’s kind of nice to see what everyone is thinking and how they are feeling or responding to what has happened.
The characters are interesting. The fifth Knight is sneaky and strong and uses everything to get to become the a knight. The dialogue between the original four is fun and witty. They have obviously been friends for a bit.
The story drew me in and kept me wondering what was going to happen. I loved the backgrounds and really felt myself transported to that era.

Make sure you read the historical notes at the back of the story. Very Interesting!

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