The Nearness of You by K.G. Fletcher – Review by Angelina Frazzini

The Nearness of YouThe Nearness of You by K.G. Fletcher
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The Nearness of You by KG Fletcher. This book is a standalone contemporary romance. As soon as I started this book, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to put it down until I was done. I got sucked into the story.

Lauren is just going about her normal routine when she runs into none other than David Randle. She is so nervous and got off guard. Then the unexpected happens. He invites her to breakfast and a wedding and they bond over their many similar interests. David can’t really explain it but he just wants Lauren around as much as possible. However, there is someone that doesn’t want Lauren around and will stop at nothing to make sure she’s not.

I really enjoyed this book. The author has such an attention to detail that makes you feel like you are living the story with the characters. David is such a gentleman and you could feel how much he cared for Lauren and her feelings. By the end of the book you could really tell what Lauren was made of and how strong and sure of herself she was. All in all, the book was such a great read!

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