The Sound of Love (The Sound series #1) by Maria Watts – Review by Emily Walsh

The Sound of Love (The Sound series #1)The Sound of Love
ByMaria Watts
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Sound of Love (The Sound series #1) by Maria Watts was a okay read that shows a different side of the teen crushes, and the dreamy boy bands of the 90’s.

My first read by this author, I didn’t know what I was getting into. Though I read YA, it’s more fantasy, dystopian and paranormal. I don’t read much of the contemporary romance types. And this book again showed me why I don’t dwell much into that genera. Why? Well like others I have read, there is a bit of a unrealism to it, yes I know it’s fiction, but if you don’t have some semblance of realisisim for a story, that’s set in the real world, then it makes the story feel silly and unconnecting. And for me, parts of this tale were just that.

The first half of this book was great. Now I wasn’t sold of the whole “I was giving the wrong number, so I punched in some random ones, and low and behold, it worked!” So yeah that was, so far-fetched that it was cringe worthy, but, I put it aside cause Nina and Chris’s conversation were very interesting, fun and sweet. Nina called Christ out on his BS, and Christ was learning about what being a normal teen is like. It reminded me of the days, before internet, and social media. There was almost a cute innocents to it, that just warmed your heart.

Then, she met him, things weren’t as they were one the phone. I’m not going to say what, cause I don’t want to ruin the story. But there’s a personality shift, and frankly, it blindsided me. We spent so much time learning about someone, that who wasn’t not only who Nina thought, but me. But at the same time, I know why it was done, and I’m going to give the authors propbs, for leading both of us stray. Bravo.

And that’s where I’m going to leave this review. It’s one of those books where I have just as many likes as dislikes, and I don’t’ want to go down a rabbit hole. So let’s just end this with my overall impression.

As a whole, this book isn’t bad. It matches its target audiences, the writing is smooth, professionally well crafted and, has a very nice rhythm to it. I liked how even though I had problems with scenes, or plot points, the writing kept me well engaged and pulled into the story. I truly believe this is a good book to give your teen to read, especially if they’re currently obsessed with a band or singer. It will show them what goes on once the lights of the stage goes off and that mask of perfect is stripped away.

In ending, this books gets my recommendation and gets my approval

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