A Must For Christmas (A Darling Cove Novella) by Deborah Garland – Review by Karyn Taylor

A Must for Christmas: A Darling Cove NovellaA Must for Christmas: A Darling Cove Novella by Deborah Garland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Must For Christmas is a Darling Cove Novella by Deborah Garland. It follows on exactly where Must Be Crazy left off. Although this novella could be read as a standalone, you will have much more enjoyment if you have read the 3 previous books. This is a fantastic series and I would encourage anyone considering it to jump in and enjoy.
Must be Crazy left us on Skye and Edward’s wedding night with Faith going into premature labour with her and Greg’s twin boys. This novella was action packed from the very first page with Faith going into labour and kept me on the edge of my seat right to the very end in the hope that all would turn out ok.
This novella brings back all members of the Mallory family who had gained our hearts in the first 3 books as they come together to celebrate Skye and Edward’s wedding then spend Christmas together, only to be thrown into turmoil when Faith has complications and goes into premature labour, leaving her life in the balance.
This novella will take you through a roller coaster of emotions as Deborah Garland is an amazing storywriter, giving us amazing characters to fall in love with. I’m praying that this novella is not the end of the Darling Cove Series.

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