A Must for Christmas: A Darling Cove Novella by Deborah Garland – Review by Lisa Helmick

A Must for Christmas: A Darling Cove NovellaA Must for Christmas: A Darling Cove Novella by Deborah Garland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Must for Christmas: A Darling Cove Novella
By Deborah Garland
Rated 5 stars

This is a story filled with characters about strong family ties. It also gives me a feeling of the love between not only the main characters but also the whole family. It’s nice to see Greg and Faith again. She is pregnant with twins and they have just come back from Skye and Edwards wedding. Then all heck breaks loose. Can they recover together or will they lose faith?

I loved seeing all the characters from the previous books in here. This family has such an amazing bond between them. Each has had a disconnect for a bit but they have all come back. When there are times of need? They all cover for each other. The guys…well their bonding has its fun times. They girls….give good advice. I particularly liked the relationship Greg has always had with his Dad. This one shows so much of that love between them and (hopefully Greg can carry that forward.

This story made me a little emotional at times. I also chuckled a few. Hopefully this isn’t the last in the series but maybe Lily can get a story now and we can still touch base with a few of these wonderful characters!

If you have read the previous series you will enjoy this. If you have not read the series you will enjoy it as well but maybe not have such a deep understanding of the characters. Either way it a great read!

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