Forgetting Ophelia: A Novel (Friendship & Secrets #2) by Julie C. Gardner – Review by Katie Matthews

Forgetting Ophelia: A Novel (Friendship & Secrets, #2)Forgetting Ophelia: A Novel by Julie C. Gardner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Forgetting Ophelia is a beautifully written story that I thoroughly enjoyed. I haven’t read anything by this author previously but I really enjoyed her engaging and relaxed writing style. I really liked Lia; I connected with her straight away and felt for her as she tried to adjust to the unexpected changed in her life. I admired her strength as she began to rebuild her life. I think I kind of wanted to hate Jake for his cowardly ways and the way he treated Lia but as the story progressed I understood him a little better even if I didn’t agree with the things that he did.
The author did a great job with the emotional side of this story and I could feel what the characters were feeling. She made them realistic and likeable.
Overall I thought that this was a wonderful story, one that I would highly recommend! I look forward to reading more from this author again in the future.


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