Squid (Moto X Book 5) by Brooke May – Review by Ashleyann Sanabria

Squid (Moto X Book 5)Squid by Brooke May
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Right from the start, the story drew me in. Levi is a party boy that has a lot more going on in his head and heart than meets the eye. His antics at the start are entertaining to witness along side him. It also helps that the story is written in second person and even has moments where the MC engages with the reader to make you feel like you are being told a story from a friend. Once Levi starts putting an effort into putting his life on track, his world view totally changes, and he is put in a position where he is trying to reach a future, and trying not to let his past hinder him. The romance is quite sweet as well. Initially unrequited feelings that slowly start to turn into more. Also, Kindle is such an awesome and powerful female MC. The story is short, but didn’t leave me wanting. The romance seems quick, but was still satisfying. In general, this is a quick, fun, and spicy read that will be entertaining until the very end. This is book five in the series, and admittedly I did not read the others, but I had no trouble following along with the story. I do have the sense that there are many background stories with side characters that I am missing information on, so I definitely intend to go back and read the other books.

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