Hard as Steel (Surviving Series #4) by Virginia Wine – Review by Krystal Gaston

Hard as Steel: Book four (Hard as Steel: Book four by Virginia Wine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hard as Steel Book 4 in the Surviving Series written by Virginia Wine. I really this as a standalone. Steel Archer is a difficult yet loyal man. He and his team have accomplished a lot and been through a lot. The chemistry between the characters is hot and cold, as Steel and Nichole figure out what’s going on in their lives as a couple while still maintaining their careers. As FBI Nichole has a lot on her plate and she doesn’t want all of her hard work to go to the back burner. Then there’s Steel who has been through so much then with the surprise of Grace, then Flynn’s feelings it adds new issues. Overall I enjoyed the story and it’s unique storyline.

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Review by Krystalgaston

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