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Jesse (Glass City Hearts Book 3)Jesse by Desiree Lafawn
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Glass City Hearts
Book 3
By Desiree Lafawn
This is a full length romance with a twist of suspense. Blood is thicker than water, is just the beginning.

Harlow Jones is a single mother of a four year old. She works hard and her life revolves around her son. Losing her job has sent her on another path. Now she is trying to get to her interview, for a job that could make her life easier. When her son runs into Jesse, literally. Then everything moves in a different direction.

Jesse is helping his father out. His mother passed away a few years ago. Jesse’s plan was to get his father back on his feet. Then go back to his real passion. But his father is turning more to the bottle, and not helping himself. Now Jesse has to make a choice, keep the bar open or move on.

Desiree Lafawn has written one of my favorite stories. This story and series is fantastic. I love every one of her characters, and hate some just the same. This starts out just a fun calm read. Romance is in the air, until it’s not. I LOVE this story! Desiree Lafawn has done it again. Her story will draw you in and keep you there. I am looking forward to the next one in this series.

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