Must Have Faith (Darling Cove Book 2) – Review by Tracy Wilkin

Must Have Faith (Darling Cove #2)Must Have Faith by Deborah Garland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Must Have Faith is book two in the Darling Cove series by Deborah Garland. I cannot say how much I enjoyed this story. My favourite of this series so far, and I can only hope they just keep getting better. Somehow I don’t think I will be disappointed with what’s to come.

The beginning of this story intrigued me. The middle of the story enchanted me. The ending of this story completed me. The characters added mystery, excitement and attraction. Faith made mistakes. Greg tried to get on with his life. Faith tried to immerse herself in work to lessen the pain. Greg done just enough to survive and tale one day at a time. There were so many feels to their tale. Heartache, loss, realisation, happiness, elation, passion, frustration, love, adoration, rediscovery, anger, tension, contentment, completeness. A whole lot of emotion thrown in, mixed up and blended to make a delicious and tantalising tale.

  1. Deborah Garland nailed the great entertainer. This book could not be better. Flawed perfection. 5 starsView all my reviews
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