Nathaniel (Dragon Hearts Book 1) by Carole Mortimer – Review by Erin Wolf

Nathaniel (Dragon Hearts #1)Nathaniel by Carole Mortimer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I give Nathaniel (Dragon Hearts 1) by Carole Mortimer, 4 stars.

Chloe is a journalist who is on vacation in Wales. When she comes across a castle that is not on any map or vacation guide, she is instantly intrigued. Even the villagers cannot tell her too much. So she decides to have a look for herself. What and who she finds there astounds her. But these men, while drop dead gorgeous, must be up to something illegal. Why else all the secrecy? But the big question is, what has she really gotten herself into?

Nathaniel is one of the men living in the castle. He tries to ignore the hot woman getting too close to their home, but the second time she shows up, he know he must stop her. But she is persistent. Not to mention that a part of him doesn’t want to say no to her. But this cannot be, he does not need a woman in his life. Or does he?

This paranormal romance at its finest. Well written, the story and the characters are great. The setting is of course outstanding, giving it a more gothic feel. Well, an updated gothic feel at least. The men are sexy and the romance is quite heated. But there is more going on. If you are a fan or paranormal romance or just like fantasy and something different, this book will appeal to you. I cannot wait to read more of the books in the series and learn more about the other men.

I highly recommend then wonderful paranormal romance to adults you enjoy a fun, sexy read with lots of hot men.

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