Savannah’s Saviors (The Cowboys of Cavern County Book 5) by Bella Settarra – Review by Jenni Bishop

Savannah's Saviors (The Cowboys of Cavern County Book 5)Savannah’s Saviors by Bella Settarra
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Savannah’s Saviors (The Cowboys of Cavern County Book 5) Bella Settarra is a romance story with a little twist. I really enjoy reading this book and fell in love with most of the characters, well the ones who count. Bella has written a story that is as heartbreaking as it is heartwarming. The characters were real life and down to earth and the town that Bella created could be imagined. It is really well written and will keep you engaged to the very end. This was a tale of violence and abuse, of lies and secrets, of betrayal and new beginnings, of sadness and misunderstandings and of love and laughter. I wouldn’t mind me some handsome cowboys and loved watching them all grow together. This should not be missed. I am looking forward to reading more from Bella.

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