A Second Chance (The Powder River Pack Series Book #1) by Brooke May – Review by Angela Hayes

A Second Chance (The Powder River Pack #1)A Second Chance by Brooke May
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A Second Chance is the first book in The Powder River Pack Series by Brooke May. It is a great paranormal romance, with second chances, werewolves, action, anger, bitterness, heartache, pain, passion, secrets, lies, trust issues, conflict, drama, and more.
Annabelle Daniels is a successful wildlife photographer whose work takes her all over the world. Annabelle loves what she does, she’s worked hard to get to where she is, especially being able to work alongside her best friend Spence. She is highly respected in her field and has built a great life. But there is a part of her that feels incomplete and lonely. She often thinks about her childhood home, the place she left with her mother, when her parents divorced years ago- leaving her heart behind in the process. She hasn’t been back since, but when she is called to take care of her dying fathers affairs, she has no choice but to venture back to the place that holds such painful memories.
Derek Sumerland is a werewolf who has a very painful past. His experiences have left him angry and bitter- a difficult man to be around. He lost his joy for life, now getting by day to day, but not really living. You see, Derek thought he’d found his mate for life, back when he was on 13 years-old. She was his everything, the light in his life. Then she up and left him, shattering his heart in the process. He is a broken man, haunted by dreams of the woman he loved. So, imagine his shock to see her walk into the bar where he works. What happens you ask? Well, you really should read all the exciting details for yourself!
I really enjoyed this story and reading Ms. Mays take of the shifter/werewolf lore. The characters are well developed, interesting, and endearing (except for the one we’re meant to hate)- I especially loved meeting Grandma Pearl, she added an extra element of fun to the story and pretty much stole any scene she was in.
The only real issue I had (and it is just my own preference I suppose) was with the repeated information at the beginning of each perspective transition/change over- going over some of the same information we’d just read, but from the other characters perspective. Apart from being frustrating, it just slowed down the flow for me. But this is somewhat of a minor issue and didn’t really detract too much from my overall enjoyment of the story.
I am really looking forward to reading all the other ‘pack’ members stories- starting with Alpha Mason, in the next book. Can’t wait!

Thank you, Ms. May!


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