Linda Gets Her Groove Thing: A Spicy Romantic Comedy About the Afterlife (The Green Room Chronicles Book 2) – Review by Karyn Taylor

Linda Gets her Groove Thing (The Green Room Chronicles #2)Linda Gets her Groove Thing by J.D. Frettier
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Linda Gets Her Groove Thing is the 2nd novella in the Green Room Chronicles Series by J.D. Frettier. This series of books is set in the afterlife (the green room) and will have you laughing from the very first page right to the end. I devoured the first book in this series, Desperately Seeking Sixty-Nine in about an hour and this book was no different.
When Linda White opens her delivery and finds a butt plug instead of the super doper G Spot Stimulator she ordered, her phone call with the customer services department results in her demise and her appearance at The Green Room.
Once settled in at the Green Room, Linda is out for revenge on her also deceased husband and his mistress (still alive). The scenes in which she gets her revenge are hilarious and are so well thought out by the author. Like the first book this book is rather spicy and both acts of revenge are centred around bedroom activities making them even more hilarious.
Although a short read, there’s a lot packed into this novella and you won’t be disappointed with it. I already have the 3rd instalment of The Green Room Chronicles waiting on my kindle and I can’t wait to see what delights J.D. Frettier has in line next.

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