A Terrible Beauty (Fallen Eagles MC Book 1) by T. Birmingham – Review by Jana Teppih

A Terrible Beauty (Fallen Eagles MC Book 1)A Terrible Beauty by T. Birmingham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Terrible Beauty is the first book in T, Birmingham’s Fallen Eagles MC series that leaves you breathless and teary eyed and waiting for the next story in the series! I have already read the second book and I guess one could say you could read them as standalones but I disagree … you would lose so so much by ignoring the order. It is not my first read by this writer but I was very surprised when I realized that it is a completely different genre that I had expected and I promise you, it was a great surprise!
A Terrible Beauty is a military romance mixed with romance and suspense. We have the Fallen Eagles MC in the suburbs of Philadelphia and it is fully made up of veterans. Their goal is to help other veterans and their families. Despite of the horrors they have lived and survived, they still give their all to help the other veterans … It is the WAR that is a TERRIBLE BEAUTY and the writer has given us a terribly beautiful story of the demons that Kit Markham has been fighting to overcome for years, the PTSD that is holding her hostage, the pain she is causing to others when she thinks she is actually keeping them safe … and then there is Lee Deveraux, her high school sweetheart and another vet and the only one who is able to offer her peace and refuge … is she ready to embrace it when the demons are coming out to play and will not stop until they have been paid in blood!
I absolutely love the Fallen Eagles MC series and I hope that the writer will keep gracing us with the stories that are as unforgettable as this one … A Terrible Beauty …

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