Healing Danger : A Fortis Security Novel Book 1 (Fortis Security Series) By Maddie Wade – Review by Debi Kircher

Healing Danger (Fortis Security #1)Healing Danger by Maddie Wade
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Healing Danger : A Fortis Security Novel Book 1 (Fortis Security Series)

By Maddie Wade

5 +++++++++++ Stars

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I’ve read the majority of this series and although they can be read as standalones I am so happy I finally went back and read book 1. This is absolutely one of my favorite series ever, and this author is in my top 10 all time favorites.

Dane and Lauren have been one of my favorite couples in this series and I’m so glad to finally have their story. I love how all of this came together and she also has a way of leaving me normally with cliffhangers that make me want to scream but in this series she doesn’t do that…What she DOES do is give you little snippets of what is to come all wound up in the ending of these books and just when you think YES no cliffhanger…BOOM she knocks you in the head with needing the next book like right now. Sorry i know that’s all a bit dramatic but its fact! LOL

Fortis Security and all that are involved with it are simply amazing, i finally got to read about all of the characters I have grown to love and see how this all began. It was kind of fun reading them out of order but now that I’ve read book 1, I will continue and reread every one of them again.

If you have not read anything by Maddie Wade first What are you waiting for? And Second start right here you will fall in love!!

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