Hometown Heroes: A Christmas Anthology – Review by Tracy Wilkin

Hometown Heroes, A Christmas AnthologyHometown Heroes, A Christmas Anthology by Cj Petterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hometown Heroes is a Christmas anthology comprising of five stories, which included:

Courtship and Courage by Carrie Dalby – A dramatic story set in the summer of 1898. Claire O’Farrell guards her heart but is no match for Joe Walker. This story was edgy and well written. A thoroughly enjoyable read.

When Time Stood Still by Chelsi Arnold and JD Boudreaux – A story starring Jacqueline and Nick. They get on each others nerves, spit fire at each other regularly, and provide a reader with endless action, activity, love and endurance. A fantastic and dramatic tale that was difficult to put down. A cleverly spun story worthy of 5 stars.

Hobbes House Noel by CJ Peterson – Merrill becomes a heroine after saving a stranger’s child. Christmas takes on a whole new meaning for her and she realises that sometimes what you are looking for comes to you in the oddest way, at the most unexpected time. A moving story that stays in your mind long after finishing.

Talking in Code: A Christmas Homecoming by EA Hale – Another story set in years gone by. Evelyn is a suffragette who is fired from her job in an ammunition factory, so a war veteran can take her position. Evelyn becomes entranced by James, until she realises who he is. Explosive emotions, courageous acts, defiance and love all go hand in hand to make up an adrenalin spiking and dramatic story that will never get old.

Safe Haven by Jolie St. Amant – Haven struggles to let go, and after her fiance was brutally taken from her, she has to deal with heartbreak, devastation and loneliness. She meets a dashing musician, Chance, and there unfolds a beautiful story of second chance love. An emotionally charged story that will lea vge a readers heart full.

This anthology celebrates all our heroes and heroines, whether famous or humble in their splendor. This collection of stories points out that  a hero comes in all shapes and sizes, and the strength and courage of the human spirit is awe inspiring and never to be underestimated. All the authors are unique in their own right, but together they deliver some of the best christmas reading you will ever find. 5 stars.

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