Reckless: A Steamy Contemporary Romance Anthology – Review by Emily Walsh

Reckless: A Rock star/Older Woman/Younger Man/Billionaire/Second Chance/Fling to Forever/Suspense/Romance AnthologyReckless: A Steamy Contemporary Romance Anthology
ByMika JolieKylie StewartP.M. CarsonSharla Lovelace
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reckless: A Steamy Contemporary Romance Anthology was as the title says, romantic, steamy and chalked full of mushy good feels.

A collection of four unique stories that tell the tales of finding love, connections and not giving up. Each story has its own take on love, from an older woman, to online dating, older man and woman to a kick as ending book that envoles spys. This anthology surly has it all, and I believe there is a story for everyone.

Okay I’m going to get it off my chest, as much as I like the other three stories, the last one, is a fav. It may or may not have something to do with it having spies. It was so fun right out of the gate, and packed full of action as well as romance. I do hope they get their own full length series, cause that would be epic.

As I said this anthology has a little bit of everything, lots of variety, and as each story closes and you move onto the next there is a distance separation. Each story has its own tone, writing style and voice. They didn’t bleed together, and as a whole each story can stand on and be sold on its own. Each character has their own quirks and special traits that made them noticeable and memorable, again, clearly showcasing each authors talent to pull in new readers; because I will be checking out more books by each.

Overall this anthology was a fun, hot, light hearted read that drew me in, kept me in, and succeeded in making me a fan of these authors. So please take my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval, that you will have a time reading this anthology and maybe developed some new author crushes.

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