Rhapsody and Rebellion (Enduring Legacy #7) by Aubrey Wynne – Review by Emily Walsh

Rhapsody and Rebellion (Enduring Legacy #7)Rhapsody and Rebellion
ByAubrey Wynne
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rhapsody and Rebellion (Enduring Legacy #7) by Aubrey Wynne was a intriguing, interesting historical romance, that had me hooked.

This was my first read from this author and this series. No worries this reads as a standalone, so don’t let that big number seven frighten you. In saying that, I am going to be checking out the other book in this series, because if they are anything like this one then.. girl, I can’t even right now.

Being set in the 1820’s, it was richly detailed and lush, I found myself drawn into this world of the past. Touching on an age that I’m not familiar with, I felt like I was brought there, seeing it, living it like it was that time. I never felt confused or lost, you can tell research went into this read, to make it as authentic as possible.

The overall story is quite the tale, and I found myself not only rooting for the MC’s but I became invested. Want them to have their HEA was a must! So yeah, the feels got involved in this one, and at one point I thought it was all going to go up in smoke. Man you can’t to do that to my heart. Beside the splendid love story, there is war brewing, and that adds another struggled and strong element that rounds out this wonderful read.

This book is a super high recommendation from me. So please take my stamp of approval that you will be drawn into the distance past, and fall hard for this couple that are trying to fight the odds.

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