Flash Point (Nite Fire #1) by C.L. Schneider – Review By Chantelle Smith

Flash Point (Nite Fire, #1)Flash Point by C.L. Schneider
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

With this being my fourth book from this author you would think I would know what to expect from her, but C.L Schneider has once again created an unique read that is captivating, vivid, magical and utterly brilliant. The mentally visual read is stunningly descriptive with brilliant world building and great characters. This author has created a flowing read that keeps you invested in the story, so much so you think you are living the life of our main character Daliha Nite.

This read is filled with suspense, mystery, fantasy and danger. To make it even more enjoyable is that it’s a Shifter read, one that is unique and different from other Shifter reads I have read. This book is also filled with twists and turns throughout, and keeps you guessing for most of the story!

This is an amazing fantasy read that exceeded my previous expectations of this author, and captivated me from the get go, this read shouldn’t be missed. I’ll eagerly be awaiting Book 2 Chain Reaction to see how much more this story progresses!

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