The Way You Are ( A Carolina Connections Novel #5) by Sylvie Stewart – Review by Lucy Berson

The Way You Are (The Carolina Connections, #5)The Way You Are by Sylvie Stewart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Way You Are, A Carolina Connections Novel #5, by Sylvia Stewart. This is the fifth book in the Carolina Connections Series. I have loved them all and of course this book was no different. I absolutely love this authors books and her writing is absolutely amazing.
We met Brett in previous books and now we finally get a look at him. When he meets Liv at a baseball game, a little crush is developed on both sides but the only issue is….. Liv has a boyfriend. So, Brett is friend- zoned. When he sees something that can change their status, will they be able to move past the friend zone and actually be a couple.

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