Untrainable by Jamie Schlosser – Review by Karyn Taylor

UntrainableUntrainable by Jamie Schlosser
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reading the blurb for Untrainable by Jamie Schlosser you might expect this to be a typical good girl tames bad boy kind of story but it’s sooooo much more than that. Not saying that I don’t like a typical good girl/bad boy story, I do, but I really LOVED Untrainable.
Theo-Dog Legend is portrayed in the media as a total bad boy. The ‘dog’ added to his name when, in one of his lower moments he publically peed on a fire hydrant. But what the public don’t know is that behind the public persona, the real Theo is nothing like the ‘public’ Theo. In a bid to resurrect his reality tv career, Theo joins with Hadley Holiday who had won the hearts of the nation with her dog trick act on a national talent show. Can Hadley tame the dog within Theo?
Brought together to film the new reality tv show, Hadley soon realises that Theo is nothing like the public persona. His reality is far from that which was portrayed on the hit reality TV show Living with Legends which was a camera on the wall reality show about Theo, his famous parents and his brother Aiden.
This is an amazing story and I totally adored the characters of both Theo and Hadley. It was heart-breaking to read just what Theo’s real life had actually been like. On the flip side it was so heart-warming when things turned for the better for Theo and he realised that he was capable of being loved.
I had never read any of this author’s work before and I’m so glad I took the plunge and read this book. Definitely worth 5 stars!

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