Eight Steps: A Friend to Lovers Romance By Taylor Sullivan – Review by Emily Brockschmidt

Eight Steps to Alpha (Nerdy by Nature, #1)Eight Steps to Alpha by Taylor Sullivan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Eight Steps” by Taylor Sullivan is a lovely book about two roommates, Elliott and Fe. They have been best friends and roommates for five years and one fateful night will change their friendship forever. I love this story because it felt like Elliott and Fe could be any set of friends that live together, where the relationship could turn into something more. I am a believer in being friends before dating someone and this book really reaffirmed my belief in that. Elliott and Fe know most of the gorey details that, in my opinion, made them more compatible. When you know someone as well as Elliott and Fe know each other, it is hard not to see them for more than friendship eventually. Elliott was a wonderful character to read about. I loved following his journey to discovering who he really wanted to be like and who he wanted to love. So, I give “Eight Steps” by Taylor Sullivan five stars!

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