The Billionaire and the Therapist (Clean Billionaire Romance Reads Series Book 1) by Kim Koby – Review by Angela Hayes

The Billionaire and the Therapist (Clean Billionaire Romance Reads, #1)The Billionaire and the Therapist by Kim Koby
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The Billionaire and the Therapist is the first book in the Clean Billionaire Romance Reads series by Kim Koby. It is a sweet, clean, second chance romance that has some secrets, angst, and a little drama.
John Callahan lost his wife in a car accident a couple of years ago leaving him a single father to their daughter Catherine. Their loss has changed them both, especially Catherine who has gone from a happy, talkative child, to not speaking altogether- and John just doesn’t know how to reach her. When speech therapy is recommended, he isn’t convinced, but is willing to try anything if it means helping Catherine.
Natalie Ross is a Speech therapist who has had her life turned upside down by a traumatic event a few years earlier. She moved states and started over- but is still looking over her shoulder, stuck in the past and not really living. She’s exhausted by it all and all she really wants is to feel safe. When she’s offered the job of working exclusively with John’s daughter, she isn’t sure about working for an arrogant rich man- but when she hears Catherine’s story, Natalie wants to try to help her. As she starts working with Catherine, she becomes closer to John and he makes her feel safe. But what happens when her past threatens to destroy everything? And what kind of chance does a paper plate kind of girl really have with a silver spoon kind of guy? You will need to read the story to get all the intriguing details for yourself.
If you like a lovely, sweet, short and easy romantic story- then this is definitely the book for you!

Thank you, Ms. Koby!


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