An Appointment (Summer in New York Book 4) by Lindsay Marie Miller – Review by Jenni Bishop

An Appointment (Summer in New York, #4)An Appointment by Lindsay Marie Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An Appointment (Summer in New York Book 4) by Lindsay Marie Miller is about two people who are so broken and hurt by their past, that they have sworn off ever finding love again. I really enjoyed the story but I wanted to smack the main characters, for people so smart, they were sometimes so immature. When neither of them were looking, they found love and it is a soul mate love but can they actually get their act together and just be together? Emotions run really high in this story and at times it will tug on those heart strings.

Savannah is sweet and beautiful but she can’t see it after being so worn down by her jerk of an ex-husband. The one thing that has kept her sane is her son. However when she meets a handsome Dr her life changes forever.

Preston has sworn off woman for life but when a certain beauty walks into his office he can’t get her out of his mind. This one hot and sexy Dr longs to be a father but finding the one woman who will accept him for who he his and his faults has left him feeling vulnerable.

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