An Appointment (Summer in New York Series Book #4) by Lindsay Marie Miller – Review by Angela Hayes

An Appointment (Summer in New York, #4)An Appointment by Lindsay Marie Miller
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An Appointment is the fourth book in Summers in New York series by Lindsay Marie Miller. It is a contemporary romance, that has a lot of drama, tension, angst, push/pull, frustration, misunderstandings, mystery, a little suspense, emotion, and second chances.
Savannah Taylor is the daughter of Austin and Amy form book #2, and niece of Claire and Benjamin from Book #1. I just love all the interconnected details like this that Ms. Miller places in her stories. It gives them an added layer of interest. The book/s could be read a standalone, but as there are recurring characters and the interconnected details, I really recommend reading the series as a whole, as having read all the books will give you a better understanding of the characters/backstories- which in turn will enhance you reading experience- not to mention that the other books are really great reads in their own rights, too.
Savannah hasn’t had it easy of late, life keeps throwing her curve balls and she scrambling to keep up. Divorce has left her hurt and confused. She has vowed to never love again. The one good thing to come out of her marriage is her adorable 8 year-old son, Trey. He is her world, the light of her life. There isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for him. So, when his asthma flares up she whisks him off to the doctors.
Preston Cole is a Pediatrician working in the family practice. His has been a bit of an emotional wreck since his wife left him for a surgeon. She broke his heart as well as his bank account. He loves children and had dreamed of having a family of his won- but now his dreams lay in ashes… he would never marry again. But what happens when a feisty, protective mamma bear attracts him from the moment he lays eyes on her? Will she be able to overcome her fears and take a chance on love? What happens when insecurities bleed into their relationship? Will it drive them apart, for good? Grab yourself a copy and find out what happens. There a few surprising developments that I sure didn’t see coming!
This is a sweet, sexy, sizzling, and emotive story. I did feel for the characters and their situation. BUT, there were so many parts that frustrated me to death. I felt that there was way too much push/pull, angst, added drama, misunderstandings, and erratic behaviour- especially from Savannah. I understand she was under a lot of stress, but her push-pull, erratic behaviour, and jumping to conclusions was so frustrating and completely exhausting! It just dragged on for far too long for my liking. Preston deserved a gold medal for putting up with it and remaining caring and supportive the whole while.
Having said that, I am a fan of Ms. Miller’s work- I really do enjoy her imaginative and unique storylines, and I am looking forward to her next book.

Thank you, Ms. Miller!


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