Blade’s Edge (Satan’s Devils MC Series Book #10) by Manda Mellett – Review by Angela Hayes

Blade's Edge (Satan's Devils MC #10)Blade’s Edge by Manda Mellett
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Blade’s Edge is the tenth book in Satan’s Devils MC Series by Manda Mellett. Confession time, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this story, because I wasn’t sure I would ‘like’ Blade once I got to really ‘know’ him. Did he intrigue me, for sure… But as the enforcer of Satan’s Devils I was worried that he wouldn’t have enough ‘depth’ to his character- that he may be too ridged and unemotional for me to really connect with his character. I was hoping that was not the case, but the doubt was there. But I do love Ms. Mellett’s books, so I crossed my fingers and dove in….. and now I am so glad that I did! As I should have expected, Ms. Mellett didn’t let me down- because the story, Blade, and Tash- were perfect (oh, and not to mention Tommy! You have to meet Tommy!!!). This story, and the characters were so well developed, and so much deeper than even some of the previous books, or their leading cast. This book may have just taken the top spot as my favourite of them all. Ms. Mellett didn’t rest on her laurels, she really gave this story an edge and identity all its own. Still identifiable as part of the series, but with a flavour all its own. Able to hold its own amongst some very impressive team mates- that’s the mark of a great author.
Even though this is the tenth book in the series, it can be read as a standalone- and not feel like you are ‘lost’ or missing out on anything. But after reading this one, you will want to go back and read the other books too.
If you love a really well written, riveting MC story- with complex, flawed, quirky, and endearing characters, and an original plot- then this is definitely the book for you. Be warned though, you may discover that one of Ms. Mellett’s addictive books may not be enough! What will she do next? I can’t wait!

Thank you, Ms. Mellett!


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