Gamble on a Cowboy by Melissa Keir & D’Ann Lindun – Review by Angela Hayes

Gamble on a CowboyGamble on a Cowboy by Melissa Keir
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Gamble On A Cowboy is a fantastic book comprised of two captivating western romances written by Melissa Keir and D’Ann Lindun. These two talented authors have teamed up to each bring us a story centred around Cowboys and Vegas. The stories are well written, romantic, sweet, touching and emotional.
The book contains:

A Vegas Cowboy By: Melissa Keir

Alicia Cortez has just arrived in Vegas for the National Restaurateurs Convention as the keynote speaker. She’s an expert at turning failing businesses around and making them profitable and successful. When she takes a tumble leaving the airport, a very sexy stranger saves her from what could have been a very painful landing. Little does she suspect that in only a matter of hours she will wake up married to the hunk. How could that happen in such a short time? Well that’s the magic of Vegas!
David MacKenzie is in Vegas to accept an award. He hopes that the recognition will bring his small-town restaurant some extra attention and is also a chance for him to expand his marketing. He loved his restaurant and small town life, but things weren’t the same since his wife and daughter died 6 years ago. To keep his mind off things, he channelled all his time and energy into the business, so he certainly wasn’t interested in another relationship- he’d had his chance at love, then it was snatched away. So, how does he end up married? If you love cowboys, Vegas, Second chances, love at first sight, humour, funny banter, emotion, and quick, easy reads- then this is definitely a story for you!

Vegas, Baby, Vegas By: D’Ann Lindun

For Bailey McKlellen and Maverick Cartwright, it was sparks and steam right from the moment they crossed paths. He irritated her just as much as he attracted her. She was determined to carry on with business and not let him distract or undermine her. As a female stock contractor, she’d worked hard to earn her respected reputation, and she wasn’t going to let some handsome new-comer take that away from her. But the guy is a thorn in her side, and an itch she needs to scratch. So, after a few drinks one night, she decides the best way to get him out of her head and get back to business, is to ‘hook-up’ with him- then he’d be out of her system. But things don’t work out that way, and her night of passion gives her much more than she ever expected.
Add some sabotage, a little danger, some angst, drama, tension, chemistry, and a little mystery- and this story really takes off. Ms. Lindun delivers a steamy, heart-warming read!


Thank you, Ms. Keir & Ms. Lindun!


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