Terror in Boring Town (A Sam and Rex Adventure Book #1) by Hoot N. Holler – Review by Angela Hayes

Terror in Boring Town (A Sam and Rex Adventure, #1)Terror in Boring Town by Hoot N. Holler
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Terror in Boring Town is a fantastic children’s chapter book, aimed at children 9 -12 years old. It is a mystery/adventure, with humour, danger, a little drama, and is lots of fun.
We meet Sam Snead and Rex Coak, who have just begun their summer vacation. Sam is dreading the long summer break, because there isn’t ever anything to do in their Boring home town. Nothing interesting every happened. Rex on the other hand, is the more upbeat and optimistic of the two. He sees adventure in the simplest of things- a boy with a vivid imagination and a curious nature, he loved making up stories which usually involved seeing spies and/or criminals on the run where ever he went.
When they see a strange truck parked at the post office one day, Rex is convinced something sinister is afoot- but Sam thinks Rex is just being Rex. But, soon, he is convinced as well, and the boys try to warn the adults. But with a reputation for wild stories, the adults are sceptical- and so the boys set out on their own ‘investigation’ to get to the bottom of it all. Is there really something sinister going on, or is this just another case of an overactive imagination? What do they uncover? This story is well worth the read to find out.
I read this story with my nephews aged 8 and 11. They loved the fact that it was an adventure with some mystery to it. The boys rarely stay still for anything, but when we were reading the book they were following along attentively, there was no fidgeting or restlessness at all- they were completely captivated, and I could tell that they were enjoying the book (just as much as I was). We read it a few chapters at a time and got through it easily over the weekend. The boys and I were sad when it finished because we didn’t want the experience to end- but we were happy at the way the author wrapped up the story. They can’t wait to read the next book, together.
The story that the author has produced is quite original. It is really written, with age appropriate language, humour, and drama. There’s funny banter, quips, and antics- and enough drama and suspense to keep you turning the pages to find out what happens. It definitely kept the boys guessing, too. We also thought it would make a great (family) movie. The characters were all wonderfully crafted- they were realistic and believable. We loved the names given to the characters, it gave an added element of interest and humour. For example, Daisy Whoopsy, Les Gross, and Postmaster Boring.
I highly recommend this for any adventure/mystery loving middle-school age child- or child at heart ?…. You won’t be disappointed!
The next book is called “The Christmas Bandit” (Book #2)- coming soon.

Thank you, Hoot N. Holler!


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