The Inheritance: The Story Of An Unlikely Submissive by India Kells – Review by Karyn Taylor

The InheritanceThe Inheritance by India Kells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Inheritance: The Story Of An Unlikely Submissive is a fantastic, gripping novella by India Kells. Having read several book by this author in the last year, they are fast becoming a favourite of mine.
This novella may be only 92 pages in length, but there is so much content packed into those 92 pages.
When Lani Mackay’s uncle dies, he leaves a strange legacy for her. He leaves a box filled with instructions for her that only one man can open and also decide if she has fulfilled the instructions properly in order to received her £10 million inheritance.
That man is Max Langdon. Ex dom. This is a gripping story of how Lani convinces Max to open the box and help her carry out the instructions. Little does she know that these instructions will lead her into the world of BDSM with Max.
This story was gripping from the very first page and had me totally gripped until the very end. It was extremely hot and steamy. You may need to have a fan hand when reading the sex scenes. The story is also very emotional in places as Lani strives to break down the barriers that Max has put up around himself.
I thoroughly recommend this book.

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