Turning the Tide (Eastern Shore Swingers Book 5) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Debi Kircher

Turning the Tide (Eastern Shore Swingers Book 5)Turning the Tide by Phoebe Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Turning the Tide (Eastern Shore Swingers Book 5) by Phoebe Alexander

5++++++ Stars

Good Lord this author has me so confused..Pretty sure this is my favorite of the series then I start thinking about the others and think, no maybe that one was, no im pretty sure its this one…The bottom line is this series simply ROCKS!!

I can’t put into words what it is that draws me to every book in this series, especially when the lifestyles that are portrayed throughout are just not something I understand or am I interested in. I think it’s the characters this author writes about, I get so emotionally invested in them and no matter what I fall in love and that is all due to the talent of this author.

This storyline was awesome, it tackled a type of abuse I have never read before, and also had never thought about but this felt so real as per normal when reading anything by this author. Luke is now one of my favorites in this series, my heart broke for him and I couldn’t help but just want to hug him!

I’m just not going into too much of the storyline, I went in blind as I do most of her books now because if it has her name on it, it’s just a given I’ll read it. Trust me when I say this was an awesome story and addition to this series and I also couldn’t help but jump for joy at having another character back at The Factory after being afraid she was not going to return, and thats all Im going to say about that LOL

Read these books, I promise no matter what genre you do or don’t read they are worth every minute spent, yes they could all be read as standalones I suppose but Im so so glad I didn’t do that, having all the history of all these names that keep popping up throughout each book makes it that much more awesome!

Loved it and hoping for much more from these people and this author 🙂

A Forever Fan


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