Wolf (Fairy Tale Series Book 3) by Jody Lynn Daniels – Review by Lisa Helmick

Wolf: Book 3 in The Fairy Tale Series (Fairy Tale Series )Wolf: Book 3 in The Fairy Tale Series by Jody Lynn Daniels
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I downloaded this from KU. It looked like my type of story. Military man and a woman with a great family (I love those secondary characters). That cover drew me in as well! But this one was difficult to read and follow along with the flow of the story. The writing seemed stilted. Many times an action has already happened then it seems to happen again as the next character talks. Once half a chapter was repeated. When conversations are going on sometimes it difficult to figure out who is talking as the conversation moves along. Maybe some she said or Carson/Abby/Logan etc. said periodically would help with the flow. Confused more than once I kept stopping and re-reading to figure out who said what. That just seems to ruin the moment the author is trying to create.

As the story progresses I can’t help but like Carson more and more. Being a career military man he isn’t so stringent. He is good at laughing at himself and having a good time. The only thing that would have made him better was an introduction to his thoughts and feelings about Maggie from the time he met her to his last time with Sean. As a whole I liked his attitude and smile and some of his crazy thoughts. The whole mistletoe thing was great! ( I mean seriously what an awesome idea! Maybe the next holiday party! Yes!). Anyway reading Carson’s thoughts made me smile.

As secondary characters Abby gets the win! She is funny, thoughtful, helpful and always there when needed. She is a perfect secondary who is a joy to read. The other one I enjoyed was Jake. He added some fun times and made me smile for than once. Sasha and Stephen were typical cute kids and Logan is a nice brother who has a few lovely scenes.

This is listed as a fairy tale and if you keep that in mind while reading you can understand why the story is the way it is. I loved the idea of where this was going and with some tweaks it could easily be a higher rating.

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