Flirty Dancing : A Spicy Romantic Comedy About the Afterlife (The Green Room Chronicles Book 3) by J.D. Frettier – Review by Susan Mowdy

Flirty DancingFlirty Dancing by J.D. Frettier
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This series is probably my favorite reads this year. This series is so different from anything I’ve read. I love the characters and seeing where they take me in every book!

So the newest member of the Green Room is Kitty. She recently died leaving her second husband and 2 kids behind. When she was alive, she was one that lived life to the fullest and even now that she’s passed on she still wants to live it up to the fullest but to help her family as well. She enlists the character’s in the Green Room to help her accomplish her goals.

This whole series is an amazing read. It’s such a humorous way to look at the afterlife. This series can brighten up even the worst of days and these books keep getting better and better!

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