Hawke (Men of Syn Book 1) by Anise Storm – Review by Anna Hirsch

Hawke (Men of Syn, #1)Hawke by Anise Storm
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hawke (Men of Syn Book 1) by Anise Storm
4 Stars

Charlotte grew up in a life of privilege. The only female in a family of four children to very rich parents. Whatever she wanted, she got. Thankfully her attitude isn’t a spoiled brat. Deep down, she knows she’s submissive and decided to visit a BDSM club while in Washington DC. A faceless dominant walked out in her leaving her humiliated. One year later, still trying to get over the encounter, she meets with a potential client who wants her to prepare the opening night of his new club. As fate would have it, this client happens to be the same dominant from Washington.

Arrogant, cruel and cold are words to describe Hawke. He needs to be to protect himself. He had a horrendous childhood and became a Dom to help him cope. He was drawn to Charlotte in DC and still is. She’s beautiful, vivacious and innocent. He’s obsessed with her but knows he’ll break her therefore he needs to push her away to protect her. No matter how much Hawke fights, the two are fated. Danger is lurking in Denver and has targeted Charlotte. Can the two survive Hawke’s past and the evil of the present?

There are scenes in this book that are graphic and may be a trigger for some people. This book is not for everyone. No child should have to endure what Hawke did. My heart broke for him. It fully explains why he is the way he is. This was an intense, dark story.

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