Until Fools Find Gold (Providence Gold Book One) by Mary B Moore – Review by Debi Kircher

Until Fools Find GoldUntil Fools Find Gold by Mary B. Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Until Fools Find Gold (Providence Gold Book One) by Mary B Moore

5 Stars

WOW!! I loved loved loved this book…How is this my first read by this author??? I knew from the first couple sentences that I wouldn’t be able to put this book down and I was right. I read it start to finish in one sitting and hated when it was over.

This book started right out having me on the edge of my seat, and falling in love with characters from one phone call. Levi!! **sigh** I want one… Well shoot I’ll take a Noah too LOL

This story hit on every thing I love in my books, not to mention the amazing writing style and the perfect flow throughout. I love this family and the bonds they share and how they step up to protect what is theres. Luna was AMAZING, even after all she had been through her strength shined through and I loved the interaction with her and all the brothers, and she literally cracked me up. I know for a fact I will never be able to think of or talk about apple juice ever again without laughing out loud…That rates up there with one of the funniest scenes in a book I’ve ever read and I had tears laughing so hard.

While checking out what else this author has available I have come to realize this is the start of a new series that started with another series….Yes!! I will have all of those and will be reading them as soon as possible.

I love finding new authors, especially when they are new authors that check off every favorite thing I have when reading, and I will be following and reading everything and anything this author comes out with.


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