Come Back Tomorrow (Embrace Tomorrow Duet Book 1) by Amy Argent – Review by Dr. Anya Schultz

Come Back Tomorrow (Embrace Tomorrow, #1)Come Back Tomorrow by Amy Argent
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There is so much I want to say about this book. First, this is not a short book so prepare yourself depending on how fast you read. Secondly, the book is about a woman, Tori, who is a psychologist. Over the last couple of years, she took on the responsibility of helping people during their last days by befriending them. She has taken some time off of doing that for reasons you will not really learn in this book. However, her best friend, who is a nurse, asked if she could make an exception for a 29 year old man who is in end stage cancer named Will. Will is a stubborn and angry individual when she first meets him, but quickly wins his affection. They become friends and develop a bond like no other. This bond becomes difficult because of the millions of feelings that have to be spoken, dealt with, and accepted. The book was amazing at showing both sides of death – the dying and those caring for the dying.

As a psychologist and caregiver myself, there was so much I recognized and learned from reading this book. I just fell in love with both main characters and even through the hard stuff envied the friendship that was developed. I am someone who has had to face the idea of death after my daughter was born with Cystic Fibrosis. While she is doing very well right now, I still understand that this is a disease that can take a different path at any time, and premature death is always a possibility. I thought the author had Tori partake in this relationship in the most perfect of ways: hopeful, being an amazing asset of support, honest, sympathetic, and just letting people move at their pace, but also encouraged to move further. This book also came at a great time for me because this semester I am teaching Psych of Death and Dying. So if you are interested in ways to move forward watching someone else’s story, this book displays positivity and hope within death.

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