Noémie’s Journey AUDIO BOOK by Victoria Saccenti- Review by Lauren West

This story will truly pull at your heartstrings and play to your every emotion. This story truly shows that love discriminates against no one and when its meant to be its meant to be. Richard and Noemie fight through many parallels to be together, and the strength from their love and each other is what moves them forward in the extreme racist south of the 1960s.
Noemi is a beautiful girl who is sweet and full spirited. Living with a drunken/abusive father she struggles to protect her younger brother and strives to provide them with a better life. Upon meeting Richard its instant chemistry that is physical, but deeply emotional as well. As we experience their journey to a HEA it becomes a tale that truly sticks with you. The narration of this story was completely amazing and at times it gave me goosebumps.

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