BECKONED, Part 6: Adrift in New Zealand by Aviva Vaughn – Review by Emily Walsh

BECKONED, Part 6: Adrift in New ZealandBECKONED, Part 6: Adrift in New Zealand
By: Aviva Vaughn
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

BECKONED, Part 6: Adrift in New Zealand by Aviva Vaughn was an outstanding finish, and as sad as I am to see this series go, it was a near perfect conclusion to this wonderful series.

The last book, and as I said conclusion, we almost see like a full circle to Soren, it was something to read, and I had a very good time reading this book. Full of throwbacks, feels, and detailed smooth writing this book has it all, and frankly I feel very satisfied. I love the picturesque detail, that the author brings to this book, really makes you feel like your there watching the story on fold. Transitions were clean, the story had a nice pace, and you feel everything. Soren, what a character, I have so many feels for him, his growth, his personality, I’m sad to see him go, but I’m happy for this overall ending.

Overall this book, this series, is a must read and it gets my super high recommendation and my golden stamp of approval.

Happy Reading

-Review by @eawalsh

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