Journeys Through AllCreation (Journeys Through Book 3) by James Talisman – Review by Francis O’Sullivan

Journeys Through AllCreation (Journeys Through Book 3)Journeys Through AllCreation by James Talisman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Journeys Through AllCreation is the third instalment of the epic Journeys Through series. It’s a rich and detailed fantasy story that weaves together multiple interconnected threads. I would definitely recommend starting with the first book in this amazing series – Journey’s Through SpaceTime.
The author really has a knack for worldbuilding, and this story which takes readers between different worlds really is a treat! I particularly enjoyed the Himalayan setting on Earth, bringing together the fantasy and the power of the real setting. Plenty of vivid descriptions to keep readers’ imaginations busy!
As with the other books in the series, this is not the easiest to follow at times. It definitely demands a lot of your attention – great to read when you’ve got a lot of time and space (no pun intended) to get truly absorbed in the book. There’s a lot at stake in the MultiVerse so once you get into it it’s an absolutely gripping story!
This book gets five stars from me. I’d recommend the series to fans of sci-fi an fantasy who want to be taken on a truly awesome adventure!

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