BECKONED, Part 6: Adrift in New Zealand by Aviva Vaughn – Review by Katie Matthews

BECKONED, Part 6: Adrift in New ZealandBECKONED, Part 6: Adrift in New Zealand by Aviva Vaughn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I cannot believe that the final book in this series is finally here! I almost didn’t want to read because I have been on such an amazing journey with these characters that I didn’t want it to end but the author absolutely did an amazing job with this final book and it is probably my favourite form the series! It was everything I expected and more! I have been on a worldwide adventure with this author and her characters without even leaving my house! Her writing is truly outstanding – every sound, smell, place of interest is described in such detail that I really do feel like I have experienced some of these places for real. Beautiful stories with amazing characters! I loved that even after book 6 the author still surprised me with what happened! Soren really came into his own in this story and it reminded me why I loved him so much in previous books!
I think that it is really important that these books are read in order and I don’t think readers would be disappointed at all! I have absolutely loved this series and I would recommend it in a heartbeat! This series may be over but I cannot wait to see what there might be to come from this author in the future!


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