Demon’s Angel: Satan’s Devils MC (Colorado Chapter) #2 by Manda Mellett – Review by Naomi McDonald

Demon's Angel: Satan's Devils MC (Colorado Chapter) #2Demon’s Angel: Satan’s Devils MC (Colorado Chapter) #2 by Manda Mellett
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Demon’s Angel is the second book in the Satan’s Devils: Colorado Chapter series. It can be read as a standalone, however characters and events from other books in the Satan’s Devils series are mentioned.

I always love reading books by this author. The stories are engaging and get you sucked in right away. The characters face real world issues in a fictional setting. You should know that this particular story deals with women’s issues that may be a trigger for some readers. Something I thought was clever about this book is the way the title takes on a double meaning once you get into the story a bit.

One thing this story brings up is how quick people are to make judgments about the actions of a mother without having all of the facts. Moms have a lot of pressure on them just for the simple fact they are moms, it is so much harder when other people make judgments about their decisions without having all of the information.

There was one line in this book that really stood out to me: “Deep down though, I know I’ll make a better mother if I have something else to do than being a fulltime mom.” I like that this is written into the story to acknowledge that not all women are cut out to be, nor have the desire to be, a full-time mother. Some women need a job or a project in addition to being a mother, and that’s ok.

While Demon’s Angel isn’t one of my all-time favorites of the Satan’s Devils books, it is no less entertaining and is certainly full of adventure and action packed!

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