The Daredevil (WaterFyre Rising Book 2) by Nadia Han – Review by Kerry Carr

The Daredevil (WaterFyre Rising, #2)The Daredevil by Nadia Han
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

book in the WaterFyre Rising series. Even though it is part of a series it can definately be read as a standalone and it is still a great read. The author does an amazing job with the characters. Both of them are Daredevils in their own ways but they both have secrets and demons from their past that still cause them problems today. The author deals with sensitive issues such as eating disorders but it is done in a way that shows the last effect of these problems.

Michelle Yates is a travel blogger she loves new experiences and new places and by travelling the world it keeps her monster at bay. This monster she carries if given the chance will take over her life and she is refusing to allow that to happen so to protect herself she focuses on her work and closes herself off to any other person wanting to get close to her. That is until she meets Royce Viktorsson.

Royce Viktorsson is a successful Billionaire. He wasn’t always this way though and through the trauma of his past it has turned him into a risk taker. Nothing helps him heal the hole inside of him until he meets Michelle. She feels like just the person to help make him whole again, however she seems unavailable emotionally to him which makes him want to know why.

Both of these people have issues that they need to deal with but could they been the remedy to each others problems? As they start to get closer there is an additional danger lurking in the shadows. Someone is out to ruin Royce’s business and with Michelle getting close to him will this also put her at risk as well?

This story is full of danger, secrets, lies and a very passionate love that grows out of a unlikely place. You will be captivated by Michelle and Royce’s story and their journey to heal themselves and each other.

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