Demon’s Angel: Satan’s Devils MC (Colorado Chapter) #2 by Manda Mellett – Review by Tausha Treadway

Demon's Angel: Satan's Devils MC (Colorado Chapter) #2Demon’s Angel: Satan’s Devils MC (Colorado Chapter) #2 by Manda Mellett
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Demon’s Angel: Satan’s Devils MC (Colorado Chapter) #2 by Manda Mellett. I really enjoy this series. This is Demon’s story who has had to move to Colorado to protect a young woman named Violet. Demon is the President of the Colorado Chapter of Satan’s Devils and he has just found out about his past in the previous books. This is a standalone but I do think it will help if you’ve read the previous books. This story revolves around Demon and Violet. Demon was best friends with Violets brother, Nathan and promised him he would always look out for her even though she had a horrible crush on him and drove him crazy. Now that Violet has gotten herself in a mess he feels responsible for her and his feelings are different towards her. She’s grown now and beautiful and has a son who Demon wants to protect not only for the promise he made Nathan but because his feelings are changing towards her. Violet believes he still thinks of her only as a sister. Will Demon confess to Violet his real feelings for her before its too late and will he save her and her son from her ex? This book will keep you on your toes and have you thinking about it long after you’ve finished.

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