Rage (The Marcy Series Book 1) by Linda Burson – Review by Michelle Mulvey

Rage (The Marcy Series, #1)Rage by Linda Burson
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Rage is Book 1 in The Marcy Series by Linda Burson. This book had a lot of suspense in it. I didn’t like the character of Marcy I’m the book because I just felt like she caused her own issues. Just when you think her life is on track she causes more issues.
Marcy is the owner of a coffee shop. She has been dating Brad for a very long time but they start to have problems because she has this rage in her and no one knows why. She just snaps at people for no reason. Brad basicallly tells her, she needs to seek help, or he is gone. Finally she decides to seek out professional help and that makes Brad very happy. They have great times together and then he decides to take their relationship to the next level. Marcy is over the moon with happiness. The reader is happy and thinks this book is on the right track.
Marcy met a man named Liam when her and Brad were having some issues. Liam approaches Marcy after she is involved is a gas station robbery. Of course now that Marcy is happy with the way her life is going, something bad happens. Brad is away for work and keeps trying to reach Marcy but is unable to. She is to busy out all the time with Liam she forgets to charge her cell phone. This causes all sorts of trouble between Marcy and Brad.
Marcy is heartbroken over her recent breakup with Brad and ends up going away for a week with Liam so he can teach her about firearms. He teaches her about different firearms and how to shoot them. Of course during their week together, they get romantically involved. During that time Brad is looking all over for her.
When Marcy comes back home and speaks with Brad, je Fonda our about Liam. And forgives her for being unfaithful which she really wasn’t considering they were broken up.
I just thought this book was very long and had a lot more pages then it needed.
Marcy needs to break off her relationship with Liam if her and Brad will be able to be happy. Will her and Brad be able to go back to the happiness they once had or will everything be ruined because of the plans Marcy has to help Liam with.

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