Say Something by Jennifer L. Allen – Review by Jana Teppih

Say SomethingSay Something by Jennifer L. Allen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Say Something is a story by Jennifer L. Allen that touches upon many of the topics that we as mature readers feel drawn to – second chances, infertility, divorce …. It seems to be a standalone though I hope that the writer decides to give the other sibling their stories as well, fingers crossed!
Say Something is the story of Jessica and Danny, childhood sweethearts that have their marriage ripped apart due to infertility. They are both very likable. I liked how Jessica took responsibility for behaviour though at times I was a bit bothered by her self-pity … we don’t know though how we would feel in her shoes. On the journey with Jess and Danny it is so easy to see how problems a couple faces effect also their loved ones, even when they try to protect them and never ever intended it to happen. It was great how the story felt so real thanks to those uncomfortable conversations that needed to happen for those two to more forward … towards their second chance …

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