That’s a Wrap (Paranormal Talent Agency Book 3) by Heather Silvio – Review by Debi Kircher

That's a Wrap (Paranormal Talent Agency, #3)That’s a Wrap by Heather Silvio
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

That’s a Wrap (Paranormal Talent Agency Book 3) by Heather Silvio

5 Stars

I love this series, each book has been quick and easy to read. I love that it is an ongoing series with the same characters popping in throughout. I also love that there is a story going on in the background that started with book 1 and is lingering there through each of these books.

I would love to see this as a TV series, I think it would be awesome and I would definitely we tuning in every week.

This story features Mia, she’s a nixie…now I’m not a big paranormal fan normally so this was new to me but the fact that she has lived among us humans for over 200 years made it fascinating. She is a producer that watched one of her actors get killed and is on a mission to solve this crime with the help of our paranormal talent agency helpers.

I loved how this book made me feel, I smiled through most of it and even ended up laughing out loud a few times. The literal sparks between Mia and Jacob (a human detective on the case) were fantastic. Their interaction with each other was so much fun to read.

I can not wait for the next in this series and I highly recommend you read all of these in order to understand how all the characters got where they are and I really feel there is something big happening and can not wait for that to all come together.

Loved It!!

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