The Immigrant: An Italian in America (The Italian Saga Book 7) by Gaia B Amman – Review by Tausha Treadway

The Immigrant. An Italian in AmericaThe Immigrant. An Italian in America by Gaia B. Amman
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The Immigrant: An Italian in America ( Woman Scientist Novel 1, The Italian Saga by Gaia Amman. I love these books and this one takes us back to Leda’s growing up years and then follows her on her adventure to American to pursue her Graduate research. Leda is not sure if she did the right thing between missing her boyfriend, her band, her family and finding out all the differences in American and Italy. She is pretty shell shocked. We meet several new characters who try to help her thru her journey in America. Seeing Immigration thru the eyes of an immigrant is very eye opening. How they see American and the things we do is very comical. Will she survive this crazy time, will her relationship survive her being gone? I’ve really enjoyed these books and can’t wait for the next one

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