The Mourning Islands by Douglas Wells – Review by Madison Degraffenreid

The Mourning IslandsThe Mourning Islands by Douglas Wells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Mourning Islands by Douglas Wells

The Mourning Islands by Douglas Wells was suspenseful, mysterious, and creative. Main character Talmon is hired to keep an eye on someone working on a new resort. Little did he know that his employers have ulterior motives. He is pulled into something he is very unsure of in the process after a mysterious death leads to revealed secrets.

Talmon himself seemed to be an interesting and knowledgeable character. I felt that he had a decent control on his PTSD and I enjoyed the tid bits mentioned of his childhood. The story had a great storyline and every setting was descriptive and engaging. I enjoyed reading this novel and all its characters. Easily a 5-star read.

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