The Vampire Queen (Wheel of Crowns Book 3) by Brandi Elledge – Review by Heather Bahm

The Vampire Queen (Wheel of Crowns Book 3)The Vampire Queen by Brandi Elledge
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Vampire Queen (Wheel of Crowns Book 3) by Brandi Elledge is the next amazing book in this remarkable series. Each book builds upon the overall story/theme of the series and is exquisitely written. The Vampire Queen is Stephan and Tandi’s story, as supporting characters in previous book(s), I couldn’t wait to read this next epic tale to include Stephan who has captivated my attention from the first book. As we delver more and more into the overall paranormal dynamic of this world, more truths, lies, and unknowns are discovered. I could not put down this story as Brandi Elledge has built such an unbelievable sequences of events that you had to immediately unfold to see what was around the next corner. There are hilarious and serious moments in this novel and Tandi is by far such a fearless female lead with her strong personality. I applaud the author and am anxiously awaiting the next book(s) in this amazing series!!

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