Behind Blue Eyes (Stockholm Murders Book 1) by CS Duffy – Review by Debi Kircher

Behind Blue EyesBehind Blue Eyes by C.S. Duffy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Behind Blue Eyes (Stockholm Murders Book 1) by CS Duffy

5 ++++++++ Stars

WOW!! And Holy Crap….

I just finished this and my heart is still racing…What a book!!

I don’t even know where to start with this review, I do know that this book sits among my favorites so far in 2019, and in this genre definitely in my tops of all time.

There were times while reading I had to slow down and work through some things, this author plotted this story so perfectly and even when I’d get confused for some reason I knew it was for a reason and that it was building something I wasn’t aware of yet. I have whiplash of the brain, I had it all figured out so many times and then just like that I knew nothing.

I knew when I started this book that Ellie was going to be one of those characters you will never forget. I tried to imagine how she felt moving to a place where you know nobody and can’t even understand half of what is being said around you, and she did it all for love. I’ll admit Johan was awesome at times, but he more than ticked me off through most of this book and when you read it you will probably know the exact times Im talking about.

I worked hard right alongside Ellie in this book but the last quarter of this story I felt like a bulldozer running through these words. Good Lord this author even had me questioning the one person that couldn’t have had anything to do with it. I was a hot mess, and still kind of am.

That ending …cliffhanger but then not a cliffhanger…All I know is I must have the next book as soon as possible…I have a feeling Ellie is going to need me even more in the next book LOL
And I have to know what the future holds for these people..ALL of them!


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